Come visit!


Every Wednesday we have a volunteer day. Pick up at Higashi-matsuyama station at  9:30, drop off at  15:30. Lunch is at 12:00 , please bring your own, or let me know and we can prepare something.

Limited to three people per week( unless you take a taxi or come by bus.) We start the day by doing a short farm tour, after which we start working. Possible tasks include: bed preparing, weeding, planting, harvesting, seeding, compost turning.

If you are good with carpentry or mechanical work , let me know as there are many small project that need to get done to improve the infrastructure on the farm.

Farm tour- talking about asparagus

Farming Workshops

Children who have a chance to grow, harvest, prepare, and eat healthy
food are more likely to make healthy choices on their own. We want to encourage children, and families to enjoy eating fresh healthy foods.

While learning and playing about how food is grown and what happens on a veggie farm!

Workshops are either, held in Japanese and/or English. We start of with a tour around the farm, after we will do some of the following activities.

  • Harvesting- vegetables that are currently in season
  • Seeding – seeding seasonal vegetables, either in trays or in beds
  • Planting – transplanting vegetables into prepped beds
  • Who lives here- more coming soon
  • Sensory garden tour- more coming soon

We will end the day with a small farm quiz and settling for the veggies.

Workshops take about 2 hours, cost 500円 per active participant (from 3 years onwards).  While we also request each family/group to buy a  a minimum of 1000円 worth of vegetables. Which you will have harvested.

There are no upcoming events at this time