Welcome to the farm!

Oishimon Organic Farm started producing vegetables with organic agriculture in 2018 (not yet certified). Today we serve great restaurants and households through-out the Kanto area and the rest of Japan.

In an age where many people have lost touch with their food source, our farm strives to recreate this connection between the farmer and consumer. We know what it feels like to not know where your food comes from. When you join our CSA, you not only get a weekly box of AMAZING goodness, but you also become part of the journey of building a more resilient food economy. Besides this you get to experience full food transparency, and the possibility to learn how real food is grown, by visiting the farm and joining events.

Knowing your farmer in today’s age matters. we attract customers who love quality food and want to stand behind a specific farmer. If this resonates with you, send a message, give a call, or come to one of our farm events where we harvest, eat, play and learn together.