“Know your farmer, know your food.”

One of the basics of healthy living is the food that makes up your body. That is why we are passionate about making delicious vegetables without using chemical fertilizers or pesticides.

We aim to create a better Japanese food system through agriculture and deliver organic vegetables to more people. By purchasing our vegetables directly, you can achieve the above goals with you.

What’s in the box?

When you order a box, it will contain a mix of available vegetables we harvest on that day. We offer the same selection of produce in all our boxes, with Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large amount options.

Although we are investing in growing methods to provide year-round produce, we generally supply seasonal vegetables. This means you’ll be able to prepare meals with the freshest ingredients which bring out the flavors of each season.


Our main harvest days are Mondays and Thursdays. We send the box on the same day so that it will be delivered the next day. If you live close to Kawaguchi or Higashi-matsuyama it might be possible to arrange a pickup moment (if this is the case please contact us).